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The Intro Memo provides a brief overview of the topic and an introduction to the materials in the toolkit. It is designed to accompany other OFRF Organic is Regenerative materials and provide a framework and context, or to introduce the idea and direct people to the toolkit for further resources. 

The flyer is a double-sided downloadable PDF which provides a brief overview of the concept, themes, and messages in an eye-catching, easy-to-digest form. It can be shared on it’s own or to supplement a workshop or presentation alongside other OFRF Organic is Regenerative materials.

The print version includes a QR code to connect to OFRF’s Organic is Regenerative website, while the digital version includes hyperlinks.

The Presentation Slide Deck offers a total of 32 slides, which can be used together for a full presentation on the Organic is Regenerative topic or selected from to integrate this message into other presentations.

Click the buttons below to download a PDF preview of the slide deck or the presenter’s guide, which includes speaker notes. From these you’ll get a link to access the live, high quality PowerPoint slides in Google Drive. 

The Social Media Kit includes bit-sized pieces of Organic is Regenerative messaging to help organic advocates share this information widely across social media platforms. You’ll also get a link to access a collection of eye-catching social media graphics to use in social media, blog posts, newsletters, or on your website.