As one would expect, the fall season has certainly brought a sense of urgency to Washington! But, like a lot of things in the policy world, initial deadlines are simply goals. We have seen a variety of extensions, delays, and even a continuing resolution this season and wanted to be sure you know of these continuing opportunities to engage in the policy process!

  • Congress has not met their deadline of passing a full budget, but have extended last year’s budget through what is an increasingly common tool known as the Continuing Resolution. Even though this is a frustrating development, it is also an opportunity to continue to voice the importance of organic research with appropriator offices! If you’re interested in doing so, reach out to me, Gordon, at
  • USDA has also announced that they have extended the window to offer written comments on the new Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards rule. Consider the National Organic Coalition Template, or the Organic Farmer’s Association or Organic Trade Association’s individual comment tool. We need to be clear that the USDA must implement this rule quickly!
  • We are looking forward to hearing more details on the USDA’s Organic Transition Initiative, a potentially transformative investment into transitioning acreage into organic production. OFRF will keep you up to date on any developments regarding these investments and look forward to working with USDA and our partners to make this as impactful as it can be.
  • Last, but certainly not least, the Farm Bill season is fully upon us! The House Committee is looking for you to provide feedback on what programs are important to you, such as OREI or increasing transitional assistance. The Senate Committee will be continuing to develop their hearing schedule and we will be sure to keep you in the know of any opportunities to voice your opinion!