April 23, 2020 – We’ve been working on a virtual campaign to inspireeducate, and inform people on how best organic practices help mitigate climate change and build resilience—leading to healthy people, ecosystems, and economies. Our goal is to encourage more consumers to purchase organic food and increase demand so that together we can expand organic acres to:

  • Capture and store more carbon in the soil for longer.
  • Release fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Help farmers and ranchers increase resilience to rising temperatures and intensified droughts and rain events that make it more challenging to grow crops and raise livestock.

The campaign, A Path to Resilience, launched with the hashtag #OrganicforClimate. It features a series of posts across social media presenting farmer stories, educational content, and compelling data points.

Today, we introduce a new digital toolkit on our website that provides another opportunity to learn, share, and help build the movement!

graphic showing four NRCS principles

Lots of people want to help make a difference and we think that providing this information in a shareable toolkit provides an easy and fun way to get involved. As a science-based, research organization, we’re in the weeds most of the time, so this has been a particularly exciting project for us.

We hope you will engage in the campaign and help us share it far and wide. The initial calls-to-action are to share the toolkit and buy organic. In the coming months, we will be offering opportunities to join us as an advocate for programs and policies that encourage the growth of the organic industry on a federal level.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the organic farmers and ranchers
that provide healthy food for us.

Stay safe and healthy!

Please support our work.