October 26, 2018 – SupplySide West is coming up in Las Vegas November 6th through the 10th. OFRF’s Executive Director, Brise Tencer, will be speaking on “The State of Organic” on Friday, November 9th at 11:30 as part of Esca Bona at SupplySide West Education, a platform to engage and serve companies working to create a better food system.

Leading up to the event, Brise was interviewed by Heather Granato, Vice President of Content for SupplyWide West for their Healthy Insider Podcast. Among other things, they discuss:

  • Steps that companies can take to support domestic organic production, meeting consumers’ interest for “local” products with a traceable supply chain.
  • Why it’s important for a full supply chain partnership to support farmers to get through the three-year transition period to certified organic production.
  • The importance of effective communication and education for consumers about organic, and how that could further bolster sales of those products.

Listen to the podcast here.