Haley Baron (she/her/hers) is OFRF’s Partnership & Development Manager. Haley joined the organization’s Research & Education program in 2019 before stepping into her current role in early 2020. She is based in San Francisco and has over a decade of experience championing sustainable and equitable food systems.

When Haley isn’t building strong collaborative relationships with OFRF partners, she enjoys visiting farms and farmers markets, cooking, gardening, and recently took up ceramics. Haley enjoys exploring her home state of California, from hiking to “walking on Ocean Beach and in Golden Gate Park, both just a few blocks from my house,” she says.

Haley Baron visits a farm.Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco with my parents and older sister. I loved everything about food from a young age and was passionate about supporting San Franciscans who didn’t have the same access to food that I did so I began volunteering at a local community dining room when I was 10. This was the beginning of my dedication to food justice and agriculture.

Why do you care about organic farming and/or organic research?

I’m passionate about building a healthier and more just food system, where all ecosystems and people are supported and can thrive. To do so, we must change the way we grow food and what we prioritize. Organic agriculture removes toxic chemicals from the system, builds more resilient farms and supply chains, can help mitigate climate change, and provides a safer environment for farm staff.

Who is your farming, research and/or food hero – and why?

All organic farmers and ranchers! They are the true heroes as they have chosen a path that isn’t always easy and requires wearing 25 hats at once, but one that is hugely beneficial to our environment and society.

What are you excited about working on at OFRF?

There is a huge gap in the resources, financial and educational, that go to organic farming systems compared to conventional agriculture. Therefore, we have to fight for that support and it’s exciting to be part of an organization that is doing just that!