OFRF leads coalition of 90 partners advocating for increased investment in organic research to promote a sustainable and thriving agricultural sector.

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2024 — The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), joined by a coalition of 90 farms, businesses, organizations, and academic institutions, is urging Congress to significantly increase funding for organic agriculture research in the upcoming Farm Bill.

A letter has been sent to key House and Senate Agriculture Committee leaders, emphasizing organic research’s critical role in promoting a sustainable, resilient, and economically thriving agricultural sector.

“Organic agriculture offers a multitude of benefits, from improved soil health and reduced environmental impact to stronger rural economies and increased consumer demand,” said OFRF Executive Director Brise Tencer. “However, current research funding levels continue to fail to reflect the sector’s potential and growth trajectory.”

The letter emphasizes the need for increased investment in several key areas, including:

  • An annual increase of $10 million for the Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI).
  • Congressional authorization of the Researching the Transition to Organic Program at $10 million a year, increasing to $20 million in the third year of the Farm Bill.
  • Increased funding for the Organic Markets and Data Initiative, along with a report on the economic impact of organic farming on communities and ecosystems.
  • The creation of an Organic Research Coordinator position within the Office of the Chief Scientist at the USDA.
  • Inclusion of climate change and the facilitation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge subject to Free and Prior Informed Consent from the tribal communities that possess this knowledge as legislative priorities for OREI.

“Investing in organic research is an investment in the future of American agriculture,” Tencer continued. “Providing our farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed can ensure a more sustainable and prosperous food system for generations to come.”

The full letter signed by OFRF and its partners can be read on the OFRF site here.

To help secure a future for organic agriculture, urge your representatives to support increased funding for organic research in the Farm Bill. We are working with the National Organic Coalition to ensure your voice is heard by providing an easy-to-use tool to send a personalized message to your representatives today. You can access the free tool here.


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