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Organic + Regenerative: messaging resources coming soon

Organic agriculture, grounded in principles that collaborate with nature, foster healthy soil, and contribute to clean water, biodiversity, and thriving farm communities, encompasses the essence of holistic and regenerative farming. However, organic is often overlooked as a climate solution. In this short note our Executive Director, Brise Tencer, explains why it’s so important to illuminate the organic management practices that are leading the way in climate-friendly agriculture, and we share insight into a new suite of resources that OFRF will be launching soon!

August 14th, 2023|

OSRI Act Introduced

Today, the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) is happy to deliver to the leadership of Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry a letter in support of the Strengthening Organic Agriculture Research Act. OFRF and the undersigned believe this bill represents significant investments into answering research questions that organic producers continue to grapple with.  “We are excited to be able to work with Organic Champions in Congress to help ensure there are resources available to support the success of organic farmers and ranchers across the nation. Over the last [...]

July 12th, 2023|

Organic Agriculture & Research in a Changing Climate

This year's extreme weather events have highlighted the immediate hazards of climate change. The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) is witnessing the impact firsthand, with staff reporting historic tornadoes, hail, droughts, floods, and wildfires across the nation. Despite the urgent need for action, there is a lack of urgency in Washington, D.C. to address these issues. OFRF is advocating for bills in Congress and emphasizing the crucial role of agricultural research programs. With a decline in public funding for agricultural research, OFRF aims to gather stories and urge policymakers to invest in research and conservation to tackle climate challenges.

July 7th, 2023|

From Fields to Research Labs: how your story can inspire change

In Vermont, the first cutting of hay is being dried and bailed, ewes and their lambs are headed to pasture, and crops are getting in the ground. In DC, marker bills are being introduced and cosponsors corralled. Sometimes with policy work it’s a hurry up and wait game! During this small lull in updates from DC, we wanted to take this opportunity to devote this month’s Policy Corner to ask you, dear reader, a favor: Can you take a moment to share your story as a researcher or a farmer interacting with organic agriculture research?

June 12th, 2023|

Introducing the Organic Researcher Spotlight Series

Dr. Ash Sial is an Entomologist at the University of Georgia, whose research on organic controls of insect pests of organic fruit crops was awarded OREI (Organic Agriculture Research Extension Initiative) support. OFRF sat down with Dr. Sial to get updates on the research and learn more about the collaborations between researchers and organic farmers currently being supported by OREI.

June 7th, 2023|Tags: , , |

The Strengthening Organic Agriculture Research Act is here!

The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) delivered to the leadership of House Agriculture Committees a letter in support of the Strengthening Organic Agriculture Research (SOAR) Act. OFRF and the undersigned believe this bill represents significant investments into answering research questions that organic producers continue to grapple with.

May 25th, 2023|

Gordon’s Policy Corner: Organic Week with OTA

OFRF’s Policy and Programs Manager, Gordon Merrick recently traveled to DC to participate in the Organic Trade Association’s Organic Week. He met with members of Congress from both major political parties and found that they and their staff are increasingly aware of the benefits of organic farming and why the industry deserves support from the Farm Bill. OFRF has worked with Representatives in the House to introduce the Strengthening Organic Agriculture Research Act (SOAR Act) and is working with allies in the Senate to draft a companion bill.

May 12th, 2023|

OFRF Policy Priorities for 2023 Farm Bill & Appropriations

2023 is a big year for the food and farm systems in the United States. This year the 2018 Farm Bill expires, and a new Farm Bill must be passed. Simultaneously, the annual appropriations process is also underway. As an organization committed to the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems, OFRF is deeply involved in both the farm bill and the appropriations processes. We are working hard to advocate for organics at every turn. This article explains OFRF's policy priorities for the current Farm Bill and Appropriations negotiations processes.

April 21st, 2023|

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